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FileHelperEngineTReadFileAsList Method (String, Int32)

Note: This API is now obsolete.

Read a file and return an array of the contained records.

Namespace:  FileHelpers
Assembly:  FileHelpers (in FileHelpers.dll) Version: 3.2.6
[ObsoleteAttribute("Please use ReadFile(...).AsList() instead.")]
public List<T> ReadFileAsList(
	string fileName,
	int maxRecords


Type: SystemString
The file path to be read.
Type: SystemInt32
The max number of records to read. Int32.MaxValue or -1 to read all records.

Return Value

Type: ListT
An array of the records in the file
This method opens, reads and closes the file (don't open or close the file before or after calling this method)
This example shows a simple example of use of the library with a minimum of code:
using FileHelpers;

// First declare the record class

public class SampleType
    public string Field1;
    public int    Field2;

public void ReadExample()
    var engine = new FileHelperEngine<SampleType>();

    var records = engine.ReadFile("source.txt");

    // Now "records" array contains all the records in the
    // sourcefile and can be acceded like this:

    int sum = records[0].Field2 + records[1].Field2;
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