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IFileHelperEngineTReadFile Method (String, Int32)

Read a file and return an array of the contained records.

Namespace:  FileHelpers
Assembly:  FileHelpers (in FileHelpers.dll) Version: 3.2.6
T[] ReadFile(
	string fileName,
	int maxRecords


Type: SystemString
The file path to be read.
Type: SystemInt32
The max number of records to read. Int32.MaxValue or -1 to read all records.

Return Value

Type: T
An array of the records in the file
This method opens, reads and closes the file (don't open or close the file before or after calling this method)
This example shows a simple example of use of the library with a minimum of code:
using FileHelpers;

// First declare the record class

public class SampleType
    public string Field1;
    public int    Field2;

public void ReadExample()
    var engine = new FileHelperEngine<SampleType>();

    var records = engine.ReadFile("source.txt");

    // Now "records" array contains all the records in the
    // sourcefile and can be acceded like this:

    int sum = records[0].Field2 + records[1].Field2;
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