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IFileHelperEngineTWriteStream Method (TextWriter, IEnumerableT)

Write an array of records to the specified Stream.

Namespace:  FileHelpers
Assembly:  FileHelpers (in FileHelpers.dll) Version: 3.2.6
void WriteStream(
	TextWriter writer,
	IEnumerable<T> records


Type: System.IOTextWriter
The writer of the source stream.
Type: System.Collections.GenericIEnumerableT
The records to write (Can be an array, ArrayList, etc)

Return Value

True if the operation is successful. False otherwise.
This method only uses the stream and don't close them after use it, you must do it.
This example shows a simple example of use of the library with a minimum of code:
using FileHelpers;

// First declare the record class

public class SampleType
    public string Field1;
    public int    Field2;

public void WriteExample()
    var engine = new FileHelperEngine<SampleType>();

    SampleType[] records = new SampleType[1];

    records[0] = new SampleType();

    records[0].Field1 = "Hello World";
    records[0].Field2 = 12;

    engine.WriteFile("destination.txt", records);

    // Now the file contains the created record in this format:
    // Hello World,12

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