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FileHelpers.Dynamic Namespace

This namespace contains the classes to create record mapping classes at run time.
Public classClassBuilder
The MAIN class to work with runtime defined records.
Public classClassBuilderIgnoreCommentInfo
Indicates that the engine must ignore the lines with this comment marker.
Public classClassBuilderRecordConditionInfo
Allow to tell the engine what records must be included or excluded while reading.
Public classConverterBuilder
Used to build the ConverterAttribute for the run time classes.
Public classCsvClassBuilder
Used to create classes that maps to CSV records (can be quoted, multiple lines, quoted, etc).
Public classDelimitedClassBuilder
Used to create classes that maps to Delimited records.
Public classDelimitedFieldBuilder
Used to create fields that are part of a delimited record class.
Public classDynamicCompilationException
Exception with error information of the run time compilation.
Public classFieldBuilder
Base class for the field converters
Public classFixedFieldBuilder
Used to create Fixed Length fields and set their properties.
Public classFixedLengthClassBuilder
Used to create classes that maps to Fixed Length records.