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FileHelpers.MasterDetail Namespace

This namespace contains the classes used for MasterDetail processing.
Public classMasterDetailEngine
Read a master detail file, eg Orders followed by detail records
Public classMasterDetailEngineTMaster, TDetail

One of the main classes of the library.

This engine is responsible for reading and writing Master-Details records to or from files or streams.

Public classMasterDetails
Records are read which one is the master and the following records are details, eg an order and the items ordered.
Public classMasterDetailsM, D

This class contains information of a Master record and its Details records.

This class is used for the Read and Write operations of the MasterDetailEngine.

Public delegateMasterDetailSelector
Delegate thats determines the Type of the current record (Master, Detail, Skip)
Public enumerationCommonSelector
The Action taken when the selector string is found.
Public enumerationRecordAction
Used with the MasterDetailSelector Delegate to determines the action used by the MasterDetailEngine