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EventEngineBaseT Class

Base for engine events
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  FileHelpers
Assembly:  FileHelpers (in FileHelpers.dll) Version: 3.2.6
public abstract class EventEngineBase<T> : EngineBase
where T : class

Type Parameters

Specific engine

The EventEngineBaseT type exposes the following members.

Public propertyEncoding
The encoding to Read and Write the streams. Default is the system's current ANSI code page.
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public propertyErrorManager
This is a common class that manages the errors of the library.
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public propertyErrorMode
Indicates the behavior of the engine when it finds an error. {Shortcut for )
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public propertyFooterText
The Read Footer in the last Read operation. If any.
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public propertyHeaderText
The Read Header in the last Read operation. If any.
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public propertyLineNumber
The current line number.
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public propertyNewLineForWrite
Newline string to be used when engine writes to file. Default is the system's newline setting (System.Environment.NewLine).
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public propertyOptions
Allows you to change some record layout options at runtime
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public propertyRecordType
Returns the type of records handled by this engine.
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public propertyTotalRecords
The total numbers of records in the last read/written file (only works with whole read/write).
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public methodGetFileHeader
Builds a line with the name of the fields, for a delimited files it uses the same delimiter, for a fixed length field it writes the fields names separated with tabs
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
Public eventAfterReadRecord
Called in read operations just after the record was created from a record string.
Public eventAfterWriteRecord
Called in write operations just after the record was converted to a string.
Public eventBeforeReadRecord
Called in read operations just before the record string is translated to a record.
Public eventBeforeWriteRecord
Called in write operations just before the record is converted to a string to write it.
Public eventProgress
Event handler called to notify progress.
(Inherited from EngineBase.)
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